Get to Know Chad

The son of a Naval aviator and public-school teacher, Chad Slotta grew up in a hard-working, middle-class family feeling a call to serve his community and country.

Chad has always believed there was a greater force directing his life, but it wasn’t until his time in college that he realized fully the direction his life would take.

At just twenty-one years old, Chad answered the call to serve as a Christian pastor. He served for thirteen years in multiple roles at churches in three different states before settling in Cary, North Carolina. There, Chad and his wife, Leah, pioneered a church they would lead for seven years.

Following the passing of his father, Chad answered a new call: to take over his family’s small business as its CEO and carry on the business legacy his father had built. While creating jobs for hard-working Americans and leading the family business into some of its most profitable years, Chad has maintained his commitment to his faith and remained active in his liturgical community through Slotta Global Mission, an organization dedicated to meeting the practical needs of people and teaching the Gospel around the world.

Guided by his faith, Chad has had a remarkable journey and professional career earning a Master of Science in Management, a Master of Business Administration, and a Doctorate of Christian Ministry. His sense of duty to others, our great Country, and the Lord Jesus have never wavered. That’s why he’s running for Congress.

As a father of three, Chad has been pressed by a sense of urgency to get off the sidelines and restore faith in America. Keeping his trust in God, Chad will serve the people of North Carolina as a tireless advocate and powerful defender of our conservative way of life always opposing the radical progressive left’s assault on our Constitution. Chad will fight to put America, and North Carolina, first.